Opportunity – Solar Building integration

Solar Building integration

Kromatix technology offers the only attractive alternative to today’s black and dark blue panels, without compromising on panel performance, efficiency, or architectural design.

Poor panel aesthetics is recognised by architects as one of the most significant obstacles for the use and integration of solar panels in architectural and residential building projects.

Kromatix offers Architects, designers and developers an innovative technology allowing them to overcome the aesthetic challenges of solar panels, while increasing the energy efficiency of their buildings. Indeed, currently much effort is put in trying to hide solar panels to less visible areas of buildings, such as on roofs of houses. As a result, solar installations in the Residential and Building segment account for only 15% of buildings in Europe and <5% of buildings globally.

With Kromatix, SwissInso provides unparalleled panel aesthetics by offering solar panels in a wide range of innovative colours, including blues, browns, and even terracotta, that can be cut to any shape and applied to all surfaces of a building, with negligeable loss of panel performance. What is more, the coloured glass has a beautiful opaque finish, meaning the inner workings of the panel and PV solar cells are invisible, further enhancing the overall aesthetics of the panel. Imagine an entire roof of terracotta solar panels in the form of roof tiles, or a high rise tower clad in electric blue solar panels.

With greater surfaces available for solar panel integration, building efficiency ratios and cost parameters are dramatically improved – a true breakthrough for the solar industry!