KromaTix™ - A unique patented Swiss Technology

Kromatix™          A unique patented Swiss Technology

Colour treated glass for Photovoltaic and Thermal panel applications involves the application of highly efficient and environmentally friendly nanotechnology surface treatments optimized for PV and Thermal panels. Kromatix technology offers vast new opportunities combining full architectural design flexibility and unparalleled panel aesthetics with optimum panel performance for solar building integration.

Description of Kromatix™ coloured technology:


The coloured glass is obtained by combining two different surface treatments:

  • The deposition by vacuum plasma process of a coloured nano-scaled multilayered treatment applied to the inner side of the glass.
  • The modification of the glazing outer surface.

The multilayered treatment is designed:

  • to reflect a narrow spectral band of the visible light, in order to provide a colour, the rest of the solar spectrum being transmitted to the solar device and converted into energy
  • to guarantee limited or negligible (depending on colour) loss of efficiency of the solar devices
  • to ensure a high angular colour stability

The outer treatment provides diffused reflection:

  • To reinforce the masking effect of the solar device technical parts
  • To prevent glare effects

Colour Principle

In simplified terms, the colour shade is given by the position of the reflection peaks of the  reflectance curve. A good compromise has to be found, as the higher the reflectance, the lower the transmittance and the energetic performance of the solar device on which the coloured glass cover is installed.


Solar Thermal collector

Solar PV Collector

Virtually no effect or compromise in panel performance and efficiency with Kromatix coloured glass versus standard solar glass.