Copenhagen International School, Copenhagen, Denmark



13000 custom-size glass/backsheet panels producing 52% of the energy needs for the building.

Leysin, Switzerland



Completed project in Leysin, Switzerland

ACOMET SA Headquarters, Collombey, Switzerland


Custom-size crystalline photovoltaic modules (monocrystalline cells, glass/glass, frameless) - Special invisible mounting system.

ELL Building, EPFL Campus (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Lausanne, Switzerland


Custom-size thin film photovoltaic modules (CIS cells, glass/glass, frameless) - Invisible mounting system - Selective outside mat treatment to create letters, logos and stripes - Luminous gauge showing in real-time the electricity production of the 2 MWp Romande Energie’s Solar Park installed on EPFL’s roofs - Total production about 11 MWh/year.

DOMA Solartechnik GmbH Headquarters, Satteins, Austria


Custom-size thermal collectors for hot water production.

Kohlesilo, Gundeldingerfeld, Basel, Switzerland


Custom-size coloured crystalline photovoltaic modules on facades (monocrystalline cells, glass/glass, frameless) - Standard-size coloured crystalline PV modules on the roof (monocrystalline cells, glass/backsheet, black frame) - Standard-size black monocrystalline PV modules installed on the roof as reference for electricity production monitoring - Total production about 16 MWh/year.