Kromatix™ application

Adding Colour Glass to a existing module

Module Parts Incl Kromatix.PNG

Incorperating  Kromatix™ to your module of choice is not complicated. The Kromatix glass can simply by glued to the exterior existing panel or replaced by the existing structural glass protecting the module. 






In the case of the CIS project the Kromatix has been mounted in a custom designed structure by SolarLab, holding the glass plate at head and foot with help of glue.


Colour Principle

The colours of nature all around us are produced by different aspects of the interaction of light with matter. The most common is light interacting with coloured pigments and dyes which absorb and reflect certain light wavelengths. Colour has however sometimes a purely physical origin as created by diffraction or interference of light. It is a known fact that many butterflies obtain their colour thanks to interference phenomena.

Applying this technique to solar glass a good compromise has to be found, as the higher the reflectance, the lower the transmittance and the energetic performance of the solar device on which the coloured glass cover is installed. This is why the colour changes as the angle changes.


Kromatix™ and Solar Panel Performance


The IFT Certified Kromatix™ Solar Glass is available in various colors. Color remains stable with time and sun exposure and thanks to the unique technology average transmittance is between 85% and 90% colour depended. The colored solar glass is produced in various dimensions and thicknesses, can be processed in the same way as standard solar glass in order to fit the customer production process.