SolAce building opens its doors at the EMPA campus in Dübendorf, Switzerland

NEST (Next Evolution in Sustainable Building Technologies) partnered with EPFL and developed the SolAce building, incorporating a stunning Kromatix BIPV facade. SolAce is located at the EMPA campus in Dübendorf, Switzerland.

At SolAce multi functional facade technologies are implemented to achieve an energy positive and low carbon combined working and living space.

Kromatix is used for PV modules and solar thermal collectors, Kromatix is a highly transmittant nano-coating technology. This allows for minimal absorption and very little energy loss and will lead to a positive energy balance over the whole year for the unit through the production of solar electricity and domestic hot water. 

The Kromatix by SwissINSO panels for the SolAce projects are manufactured by Antec and installed by Solstis.

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U.S. cities sign Memorandum of Collaboration with Copenhagen striving for sustainable building environments

The CBS news team visited Copenhagen were Boston and Cambridge sign a Memorandum of Collaboration with Copenhagen on sustainable building environments to help reduce their carbon footprints.

The CBS news crew shot their news piece at Copenhagen’s International School (CIS) - Nordhavn winner of the Iconic 2017 award in architectural, using Kromatix™ solar walls. The CIS building generates about 40% of their energy needs by using Kromatix™ solar walls.

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