Copenhagen International School

The Copenhagen International School’s (CIS) new building is covered by approximately 12,000 solar panels (6,048 sqm) using Kromatix™ blue and blue-green solar glass, integrating the building and the surrounding ocean. It is one of the largest building-integrated solar power plants in the world.

The 12,000 colored solar panels really make CIS’s new building stand out. They completely cover the building and will provide around 300 MWh of electricity annually, meeting over half of the school’s expected energy needs. 

The Danish architecture firm C F Møller has won the 2017 Iconic Awards in the category for ‘Architecture with distinction’ for their design of the new CIS. The Iconic Awards is a recognized international competition for architects, designers, and the building and industrial sectors that recognizes visionary architecture, innovative products and sustainable communication within five main categories.

Project details

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Kromatix™ Glass: Mix of Blue and Blue Green

Surface Area: 6,048 sqm / 65,100 sq/ft

Installed capacity: 1,030 kWp 



DOMA Solartechnik Headquarters

The heating and hot water demands for this office (470 sqm) and the production hall (1,380 sqm) is covered exclusively from renewable energies. Kromatix™ blue, grey and gold are used on the facades, providing a elegant solution for BIPV.


Location: Satteins, Austria

Kromatix™ Glass: Mix of  Blue, Grey and Gold 

Surface Area: 83 sqm / 893 sq/ft 

Installed capacity: 14 kWp